Should You Really Buy Frozen Fruits? Here’s A Quick Overview!

Frozen foods have a bad reputation of sorts, many believing that every food that’s sold frozen is devoid of any nutrients and good things. The question becomes even more pertinent in case of frozen fruits. Are frozen fruits good? In this post, we take a look at some of the relevant questions and aspects.

The need to ‘freeze’

Fruits are perishable products, and in most cases, consumption & demand is global, while production is usually limited to selected regions. This creates a gap in supply and demand, and to be precise, there’s the need to store fruits immediately after they are harvested. There are standard procedures involved in freezing different fruits, and in case of organic produce, additional testing is done for pesticide residues. As such, freezing is a requirement, so that people can get fruits when they want, while producers and farmers get the most from their investment and effort. Freezing doesn’t just increase the shelf-life of the fruit, but it also ensures that the fruit remains available in regions and areas where it isn’t available in normal season.

Are fresh fruits better?

Not always. If you check online, you will find many posts on why fresh fruits are not as nutritious as many believe to be. Basically, the whole cycle of harvesting the fruit and till the time it reaches the end consumer is a long one. The mangoes that have been imported from India has taken weeks to reach your place, and that simply destroys considerable nutrients. Just because fruits are fresh doesn’t always mean that these are great in terms of essential nutritional value. On the other hand, brands like Nature’s Touch take the effort and time to ensure that the harvested fruits are organic, tested and packed at the right time, so that the nutrients aren’t lost. There’s no denying that some essentials, especially antioxidants, do deplete with freezing, but you are still having better than many other so-called fresh fruits.

Finally, let’s not forget that most of us have a busy life, and therefore, there isn’t enough time to shop and eat fruits on a daily basis. This is exactly where frozen fruits come handy. Just throw a few berries with some milk in a blender, and you have quick smoothie for breakfast. Most frozen fruits are also great for snacking, so you have one more reason to have a box in your refrigerator at all times.

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