Low Calorie Indian Dishes Are Healthy and Tasty at The Same Time

Indian restaurants are spread all around the world. Unfortunately, Indian dishes have a repute of being oily, spicy, and slowly digested. Actually, Indian cuisine involves an interplay of spices, which is a concept that Westerners find it difficult to grasp. There was a time when Queen Victoria hired two Indian cooks for making Indian dishes, which was served at lunch daily. Prince Albert, her husband loved Indian food so much that during the tour to India [1877], he visited Madras Club just to taste the club’s popular pawn curry.

Obviously, Indian food is full of different spices added to it for health reasons. At Indian food downtown Denver restaurant, you can try dishes having low calories. This does not mean they are not tasty or healthy. Actually, these food items are healthy as well as delicious. However, some rules need to be applied like using minimal cream, oil, ghee, and cheese while cooking them.

List of low-calorie Indian food and dishes

Pappad – Deep fried pappad tastes more delicious but to make healthy choice eliminate deep frying option. You can roast it in a microwave or directly on gas-flame.

1 pappad – 55 calories

Buttermilk – Buttermilk is rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and low in fat. Drink a glass of buttermilk, after lunch to help digestion.

1 glass of buttermilk = 32 calories

Chicken tikka – Westerners adore chicken tikka because it is loaded with health benefits as well as is tasty. Remember to use less oil and spices, while preparing this dish.

6 tikka = 270 calories

Ragi dosa – Ragi is loaded with fiber, mono-saturated fat, and calcium. It is a South Indian dish beneficial for weight watchers and diabetics. Make ragi dosa in non-stick pan to avoid usage of oil.

One ragi dosa = 85 calories

Oats idli – Idli is a South Indian dish but everyone adores it. Basically, these are made from rice and black gram batter or even rava. However, instead of rice use oats to make them healthier.

2 idlis = 52 calories

Dal tadka – Arhar or tuver dal is cooked daily in Indian houses. It is eaten with rice and kids too love it. Yellow dal is loaded with proteins and easily digestible.

One bowl of dal = 120 calories

Tandoori roti – Rotis are made from whole wheat flour and baked in a tandoor [clay oven]. It is eaten best with Indian curry and offers a distinguished taste.

1 tandoori roti = 100 calories

Sprout salads, raita, mix vegetable curries, palak paneer are some more low-calorie dishes you can enjoy.

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