How to Organise a Surprise Birthday Party in The City

Organising and throwing a surprise birthday party can be really fun, but it is subject to a lot of things going in your favour, so actually pulling one off can prove difficult sometimes. The logistics of a birthday party include who to invite, where the party will be hosted, how to keep it a secret, and what the best way to reveal the surprise is. Some of these logistics can be more difficult than others, for example, finding a party venue in London. However, if you plan well ahead, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Another thing you might struggle with is keeping the party secret. But, this is easily managed by closely communicating with the guest. So, if you’re thinking about hosting a surprise birthday party and not sure where to start, read on for our best tips and tricks.

The Surprise 

A surprise birthday party is always best when it is entirely unexpected. Check with the guest of honour’s friends and family to ensure their schedule matches up with the planned party time and make sure all the guests know that the party is a surprise. If possible, find somebody to accompany the guest of honour to party, so you know exactly what time they are arriving. This will make it a lot easier to do the big reveal.

The Venue

A smart option for a surprise birthday party to choose a restaurant or bar that your guest of honour is fond of. It also makes it easier to keep the surprise a secret. When planning the party, it is always better to book early to avoid any disappointment, which is normally the case in London because of the sheer amount of people that live and work there.

Invitations and The Guest List 

When it comes to the guest list and sending out the invitations, your guest of honour’s social media accounts are a good place to get started. When selecting who to invite, remember that a smaller guest list will greatly reduce the chance of the party being ruined. But, a larger list will the surprise reveal more dramatic and intense.

The Theme

A witty or unique theme will help make the surprise birthday party even more memorable for both the guest of honour and the guests. Choose a theme that will resonate with your guest of honour or tie in a theme that is related to your choice of venue.

Food and Drink

Canapés and share plates are an ideal choice for surprise birthday parties. To gain bonus points for your guest of honour, why not also serve their favourite food or cocktails?

Consider The Guest of Honour’s Health

This might sound like a bizarre thing to include in this piece of writing, but you really don’t know how someone is going to react to a surprise. You need to think about whether your guest of honour has any health problems. And, if you are unsure, then you need to find out from a close friend or family member. If you feel like there could be a chance that they will faint at the reveal, then you must have first-aider there or at least someone who knows how to deal with such a situation.


Decorations can make a big impact to a surprise birthday party, but you need to make sure that none of them are visible from outside the venue. Balloons floating on the ceiling and confetti ready to be thrown can all make the surprise much a much more exciting and memorable experience.

Videos and Photos

Don’t forget to film and take photos throughout the party, including the big reveal. A really cool idea is to buy some disposable cameras and let a few of the guests have them to take photos. This way you will have the entire birthday party photographed from all different angles.

Our Final Tips

To avoid the possibility of singling out your guest of honour, try to find out what they will most likely to be wearing on the day of the surprise party. By doing so means that you can advise your guests to dress accordingly. Carefully think about the birthday party’s reveal before the big day as there is nothing worse than a guest being seen in plain sight or a few of them ‘shouting’ surprise before the rest.

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