Five Ways to Have the Best Eating Experience with High-Quality 100% Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate that is 100% pure dark has no sugar. Although it can come with nothing but cacao, it may be made with a mixture of cacao beans and extra cacao butter. When it comes to this type of chocolate, it is easy for people to think about its bitterness. However, what’s actually bitter is the mass-market baking chocolate. However, there is a new crop of 100% chocolate that has some bitterness and fits a suite of other flavors. Eating this kind of chocolate offers a great eating experience. The specific flavors a person can detect in the chocolate are usually not as important as their enjoyment. Here is a guide to help you enjoy 100% dark chocolate:

Choose the Quality One

There are a lot of chocolate options from suppliers, especially if you opt to buy bulk chocolate for resale. Although 100 percent is always intense, a great piece will feature more to its flavor profile than pure bitterness. It should have some cream mouth feel. A quality bar is expected to be pricier than others but it will be worth with if you really enjoy the piece.

Don’t Cook with It

Although you could surely cook or bake with high-quality 100 percent chocolate, this could dilute and mask its unique flavors. In fact, cooking or baking with this chocolate will eliminate the textural pleasure that is wrapped up in its melt. Focus on pairing quality chocs with other quality foods which improve and complete; instead of mask the piece.

Consider the Choc and Black Coffee Combo

As with chocolate and wine, chocolate and coffee is a great match. But, keep in mind that sweetened chocolate makes plain coffee taste sour. Similarly, sweetened coffee can make unsweetened chocolate taste bitter than it is. Aligning the sweetness level makes this combination work. This means unsweetened chocolate with unsweetened coffee.

Control the Sweetener

Just because you get an unsweetened chocolate does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Some people who find 100% chocolate a little intense will prefer to add a drop of honey to one square of chocolate to come up with a mouth-watering snack. Others also use molasses with chocolate.

Enjoy the Choc when Avoiding Extra Sweeteners

Chocolate that is 100 percent pure has not added sweeteners. A bar of this kind of chocolate will provide the flavor you are craving for, along with a smooth texture and some secondary flavors without sweeteners.

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