Enjoy Delectable Duck Fat with Best Duck Breast Recipes

Do you know the taste of properly cooked duck? It is nutritious and distinctly tasty. It is actually enjoyed for centuries. For instance, the Pekin duck refers to the Yuan dynasty and was renowned for its gastronomic qualities.

Duck is appreciated as food even during the periods when there was plentiful food and latter when there was shortage of food. Today, duckling is in strong demand and is gaining more popularity. In fact, in many parts of Australia, Europe and North America and many more areas, roast Pekin duckling is on the fine restaurants menus. Braised, roast or barbecued Pekin duckling is popular among gourmets.

The legs and breast of the duck is available easily and the best part is that it satisfies even the diet conscious consumers with more options. An added advantage is that the duck parts precooked get heated quickly in a microwave.

The best duck breast recipes that are a must try includes:

  • Duck salad and cherries
  • Apple bacon and duck salad
  • Balsamic green beans with seared duck breast
  • Orange & Raspberry sauce with roasted duck breasts
  • Duck breast with roasted caraway roots and paprika dressing
  • Duck with raspberry sauce

If you did not get an opportunity to have a duck, consider this is the right time for a savory surprise. Including duck in diet is the best protein. it is a lean meat and an amazing source of zinc and selenium, both promote cellular metabolism. Duck contains iron more than poultry. Duck has a succulent texture and a robust flavour, making it an ideal combination of rich taste and nutrition.

Bear in mind to have these delectable duck recipes that are flavorful and healthier substitute for oil in the recipes. Ducks are low in saturate fat and are same as olive oil, making it the perfect food for any health conscious diet.  With the advantage of flavor, duck fat goes well with various applications. Using it to fry potatoes, grease pans or cook eggs. You can alternate it also for shortening or buttering cakes, breads, sauces, cookies, and lots more.

Cooking duck needs no formal training. In fact, home foods can incorporate into a flavor range of recipes.  Duck is a perfect protein, that it can be a family game-day snack or also a special dinner for a couple. The versatility of the duck means you can use it from salads to soups, casseroles to finger foods.

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