Beef Jerky Versions Low in Sodium and Fat make your Meal more Nutritious

Beef is available in various forms, but to store it for long, you should always buy the dried version of meat which is called jerky. In this process, the beef is cut in strips. These strips are marinated with seasonings and a flavor where salt is an essential part because salt prevents meat from spoiling. Finally, they are dried up properly so that all moisture is removed and packaged. This meat jerky isn’t considered as healthy foodstuff, but it surely has good content of zinc and protein.

It is said that red meat is unhealthy because it contains fat which produces bad cholesterol. Other health problems can be caused due to red meat and dried meat that contains sodium nitrite which is also a cause of cancer. However, beef jerky has less fat compared to raw meat. This is because it is dried up to an extent where all its fat is removed.

Dried beef is sold in many stores where you get processed food. You can also get it in a normal grocery store because jerky can be kept at room temperature for a long time. However, keep them in a cool and dry place when they are sealed but after opening the packaging the leftover meat should be kept in refrigerator for the next use. Always try to buy one that has low content of sodium and carbohydrates, but high content of protein.

Here are the benefits of dried beef –

  • Doctors recommend 46 grams of protein to females and 56 grams to males on a daily basis, and one ounce of red meat jerky contains 9.4 g of protein. This protein is used to prepare enzymes and tissues which is required for proper body functioning.
  • Fat is necessary for your body to maintain your brain’s health and one ounce of dried beef contains 7.3 grams of fat out of which 3.1 grams is saturated fat. Even your vegetable oil, nuts, sea food etc has more saturated fat compared to jerky, which affects your heart and increases cardiovascular disease.
  • Jerky beef also contains 13mg of cholesterol whereas AHA approves 200 to 300mg of cholesterol on a daily basis. You can definitely include jerky in your diet, but don’t increase the quantity because that will increase the cholesterol amount as well.
  • You need at least 40 mg of zinc for your body as it increases immunity level, and less zinc in body means slow healing of wounds and loss of smell and taste sense. One ounce of jerky contains 2.3mg of zinc.
  • Sodium increases blood pressure and heart diseases, this is the important content present in salt thus, doctors recommend a heart patient no more than 1500mg per day. Dried beef has salt which includes 590mg of sodium.

  • Jerky beef is a low carbohydrate food for diabetic people because it contains only 3.12grams of carbohydrates in it.

All this information brings us to a conclusion that dried red meat isn’t harmful as long as it is taken in limited quantity. Excess of anything is bad.

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